End of S05 Of HIMYM

Honestly speaking I didnt find S05 as interesting and creative as S04.
Well in S05 the stories goes nowhere Ted and rodin are still in serch for a perfect person,Barney engaging girls with his awesome tricks and Marshall and lily are happy with their married life.

At start of SO5 Barney and Robin were in a relationship which might be shocking but still by the mid of the season they bring this relationship to an end. After breakup Robin wants to focus on her career but end up hooking up with Don her channel partner. On other hand Marshall and lily decides to have a baby.

In this 5 years these characters are totally different from what they were.Lily and Marshall who were just boyfriend and girlfriend are now married. Barney who was never gonna commit to anyone fell in love with Robin.Ted who was chasing a girl he was convinced with and now she is Teds closest friend.And Robin? Who would never choose love over career but she did.

This season was amazing but lacked in story part.

Favorite Episode: Girls vs suits, Twin bed and Perfect week…